Sounds From Brazil



SFB Music & Films, a company operating from Brazil and Sweden, provides music for film directors, producers, and music supervisors from a vast roster of world class artists, composers, and record labels. Our dedicated team offers a one stop licensing model, searching our huge music catalogue for the right track to fit your brief and handling all licensing, negotiations, contracts, and music supervision.


Having started life as a record label and publishing company capitalising on the burgeoning worldwide interest in Brazilian music, SFB has built up an impressive roster of musical talent, representing some of the most acclaimed artists to emerge from Brazil and Latin America, as well as a number from Europe. From traditional styles such as bossa nova, samba, and capoeira to more modern genres such as indie rock, pop, and acoustic folk, SFB can call upon a diverse and high quality range of music and artists from the last thirty years and provide the perfect creative solution for a fair and equitable fee.


Our goal is to provide a full service sync service to the film industry, matching world class musical talent to film makers’ unique vision for a price that’s affordable to auteurs and independent directors as well as studios and more established players. From the creative stage through negotiations and execution, everything we do is on a dedicated, personal footing, ensuring that you’re free to concentrate on other aspects of your creative endeavour. We know our music, so you don’t have to.



 Bruno Scudiere



Born in Rio De Janeiro, the birthplace of Bossa Nova, Bruno Scudierehas had a long and distinguished career in the music industry. Having started out as a promoter at Rio’s AR Studios in 1998, he’s since worked as an artist manager, an executive at Rock In Rio, a consultant to some of the world’s biggest labels and radio companies, and has completed both a BA and an MBA in Marketing while living and working all over the globe.


He’s also formed two companies – Scudpromo Music in 2005, and more recently Sounds From Brazil, whose focus is on digital music distribution, bespoke music consultancy services,and 360 degree solutions for music licensing. Scudiere’s knowledge and passion for music of all genres, especially those of his homeland, have seen him succeed in each of his roles and build Sounds From Brazil into the respected, worldwide company it is today, with a global roster of artists, singers, composers, and labels, and a proven track record for the negotiation and licensing of music.