Top Projects / #Ninfabebê - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

#Ninfabebê - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

SFB just released the Original Motion Picture soiundtrack from the Brazilian Movie #Ninfabebe.

All songs are performed by a Pop/rock band Sexy Lollipop.


About the Film: Two teens organize to spend a weekend alone at home in the

absence of their parents. Using a mobile phone application that merges the recording

images captured live with interaction with other apps, both record all the

moments of this private party, watered down to loud music, drinks and internet chats. At the

from the first night a stranger joins them and then everything gets complicated

terribly. From the mokumentary / found footage style and the drama /

suspense / terror, the film follows the point of view of several characters and proposes

a critique of exaggerated voyeurism and exhibitionism on the internet - aiming,

in the meantime, a contemporary psycho-socio-educational reflection.